Sunday, January 4, 2009

Giving is awesome semi announcement....

Sorry for the delay in this announcement, with a house full of sickies and the rush of the holidays i allowed myself not to feel guilty about spending extra time with my family...

After spending so much time reading and rereading the 4 entries i received i finally made my decision...the family has been notified and i will hopefully get to post bits of their story for yall all to read.

BUT (there's always a but, lol) i have also decided that each of the other families will also recieve a a smaller gift of my time and prints as well.

I will say I have been touched by these nominations and have come to discover that there are so many in our community who deserve the gift of these memories.

FYI if you missed your chance to nominate someone just wait, i plan to run another variation of this giveaway later in the year.

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